I’m Andrew Danso and currently a Master’s student at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland. 

My main research project focuses on Music Education and Technology. My research is using a first of its kind, musical glove to investigate its impact on music education. More on it here. 

I’m also a freelance journalist. Currently I’m contributor writing for IglooMag.com, which is an experimental music website – we pride ourselves on covering the most cutting edge and independent electronic music on the internet. I wrote with PowerPlay Magazine UK for two years, covering gigs, interviewing musicians and reviewing music. 

Also I have a technical background in music, working as an engineer and production sound-guy. I continue to work with high-profile musicians as well as those with an artistic flair. I pride myself on achieving the authentic sound a lot of musicians can’t find in studios.

Visit my portfolio sections to view my featured work.

email: andrewdanso [at] igloomag.com (minus the spaces)