Radio play:

PBS Melbourne 2014, BBC Radio Ulster 2013, RTE Late Sessions 2012

Fly reviews (2015):

“…That it is so clearly designed as a concept piece only makes its wandering nature all the more appealing. The combination of acoustic and voice as extra instrumentation is just fantastic – easily Danso’s masterpiece at the time of release.”

Real Gone magazine

Find reviews (2011 – 2012):

“I have a slightly dumb-sounding question to put to you – what would you get if you took Steve Vai’s Fire Garden and invited ambient remixes? Well, not Andrew Danso, but I think that’s a reasonable jumping off point. Throughout f i n d you get the impression that there’s a veritable torrent of playing ability dammed back for the sake of aesthetic effect, whether it’s the pleasant trip-hop of opener ‘Go Again’ or the ’80s R.E.M.-lite ‘Walk Walk Sunshine’. “

Alex Lynham – What is Music?

“The variety of electronic, organic and ambient sounds fleshed out with Danso’s guitar work keeps things interesting throughout, which can be a difficult balance to achieve with this type of music. An intriguing listen.”

Mike A – Now It’s On

“Electronic ABC is perhaps the releases most promising number. It begins with Morse-style rhythmic clicking, augmented by a bottom end pulse. As the layers build and Danso’s guitar work sits over the top, it all becomes more than reminiscent of early Porcupine Tree. Rather more specifically, it sounds like a movement from that band’s epic ‘Voyage 34’.”

Real Gone magazine

“Whereas the Tera demo was all about that thick, heavy Swedish melodicised crunch, with this outing a barely distorted clean tone is what its all about. That’s always going to work, given the greater opportunities for expression. Indeed ‘Radial Day’ even reminds of Talk Talk’s apocalyptically beautiful ‘Laughing Stock’, with its rangey, landscaped feel. That’s an exceedingly rare quality.”


FIND is full of lots of little ideas, snapshots of soundscapes that draw you in but often disappear before you can make sense of it all. In a way it’s very endearing, it makes you want to listen to it again and again, but you’re also left feeling the ideas could be developed even further. As an album it works very well; it doesn’t outstay its welcome and you’re left wanting more. Well worth checking out.”

D.R. Swinhoe

FIND is a progressive album full of challenging themes and beautifully composed music. Even though the core of the sound is electronic music (with guitars) it is more reminiscent of the pioneers of the Progressive genre: Pink Floyd. Andrew Danso’s heavy Rock roots are clearly on show all throughout this half an hour journey.”

Heavy Metal Spice Rack

“…30 minutes long, straightforward, thoroughly relaxing, and quite good. If you enjoy ambient music in the vein of a much tamer Radiohead, I suggest you check it out.”

Tyson Nordgren – Progulator

Tera – Forerunner reviews (2009):

“I’m astounded by this demo, on several levels. Musically it’s exemplary, as far as demos go. Artistically though, it’s sort of appalling. Just how does it come to pass that a band is so totally engrossed in the sound of their idols that they manage to eliminate every original thought and stroke? It’s crazy. If noone showed you the cover, you’d swear blind this was a new Opeth record. Granted, that takes some doing. But they’ve done it.

Dont tune out. I’d say this is music you all need to hear, if only for the sheer brazenness of the theft. Take a quick visit to their myspace and roll your ears in wonder about how well they’ve mimicked the sound. You’ll smile.”


“They present reasonably strong and progressively inclined compositions, which cannot escape the specter of Opeth, yet neither are they a shameless rip-off, like say, Alley.”

Quentin Kalis – Chronicles of Chaos

Blue Hat Thinking (2008 – 2009):

“Danso’s guitar skills are the stars, and the raison d’être for this release. I expected meandering “Guitar Hero” histrionics, but Danso is remarkably restrained; many songs terminate within a couple of minutes, and the whole release wraps up in under 25 minutes.”

Quentin Kalis – Chronicles of Chaos

“That means the structures are very difficult, influenced by ‘jazzy’ ingredients. Andrew Danso proves to be a first class musician but I miss good compositions. His view on guitar music isn’t my cup of tea and although I respect the number of notes this man can play I have difficulties to find a red line in most of the songs. Andrew Danso is far too technical to me but I suppose that’s a matter of taste. What I do like is the fact that Andrew Danso keeps on playing Heavy Metal, the riffs are played with an old school sounding ‘distortion effect’. The fact Andrew Danso grew up with Heavy Metal shouldn’t be doubted… “